Want to know more about Wine Bottle Paint Party Events?

“I am not artistic” you say?


 Wine Bottle Paint Party is not an art class - it’s a party! Host in your home, fundraise in a local venue or book for your business.  

How do I create that style?


  I blend simple guided painting instruction and plenty of time to enjoy refreshments and socialize. The event starts with about 15 minutes of instruction and the remaining time I circulate around and help your guests one on one. No one wants to hear two hours of step by step instruction when you want to feel like it’s a party!  

How do I dress?


 Although I provide a disposable plastic apron, make sure that the clothes you are wearing and bags you are carrying won’t be ruined by a stray drop of paint. Although the paint is acrylic it doesn’t always wash out well.

Can I sit with my friends?


  Sure thing! Just keep in mind that there are no assigned seats, but if you are a large group, you are encouraged to arrive at least 10 minutes early. When you arrive, write your name on a paint palate to secure your seat. Now you can walk around and enjoy the event before instruction begins. You can also email me a list of names in your group and I will reserve seats for you.  

How do I prepare for an event?


  What do you provide? I bring all the art supplies including empty wine bottles, LED battery operated devices and table coverings.   What do I provide? The location, the friends and the refreshments. $50 deposit, refundable within 7 days of event if you need to cancel.  

Email or call Betty Cole (516)238-3922  

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Email or call Betty Cole (516)238-3922  

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